Ash Trees & Emerald Ash Borer – Update

Ambler Borough wants to make you aware of a beetle infestation in ash trees that has made its way across North America and is present here in Ambler Borough.  The Borough’s arborist has visited all Borough parks.  He has identified 14 ash trees that must be removed — they are beyond being able to save.  These trees located in Knight Park and Ambler Borough Park are marked with a painted “X”.  Staff is obtaining quotes for removal.  Also, the arborist has identified 14 ash trees in all the parks which he will treat with injections over the next several years.  These trees have a metal tag and the soil below has been marked with  spray painted for easy identification.  Treatment will begin late-May.  The arborist worked on a tree-by-tree basis to determine whether to treat or remove each tree.   While both alternatives are costly, our hope is to not lose much of our canopy cover.  Tens of millions of ash trees have been lost to this pest that feeds on them.  Once a tree is infested with beetles it can be killed within 3 to 4 years.  Infestation will occur before symptoms are noticeable.  Homeowners with ash trees on their properties should  contact an arborist or tree service and have them take a look so you can determine what measures you will take to combat the EAB.