Employment & Volunteer Opportunities


Check back often for employment opportunities.  


Interested  candidates to be appointed by Borough Council are asked to send a letter of interest & resume to the Borough Manager at manager@borough.ambler.pa.us or by mail to Borough Manager, Ambler Borough, 131 Rosemary Avenue, Ambler, PA  19002.

Environmental Advisory Council – (3-year term)  Members advise borough staff and officials on protecting the environment through conservation, management, promotion, education and use of natural resources within the borough limits.  Council meets monthly.  For more information about the Ambler EAC, visit www.amblereac.org.

Appeals Board – (3-year term)  This highly specialized board includes an architect and an engineer. The Appeals Board is responsible for providing interpretation of technical provisions in the building code.  Appointed candidate must be an architect, engineer or professional builder.  Board convenes on an as-needed basis.

Civil Service Commission – (6-year term)  The Commission presides over hearings related to the demotion or firing of an Ambler police officer. Its secondary function is to certify the list of candidates who come out of the formal testing process for police department applicants.  Meets as needed.

Planning Commission – (4-year term)  Planning Commission considers drafts of zoning ordinances, and, when requested by borough council, also comes up with ordinances in the first instance for council to consider adopting. While recommendations are not binding, they are given significant thought and consideration by council, especially since, while council is considering all different kinds of ordinances, the planning commission focuses only on zoning ordinances.  Meets 4th Tuesday of the month.

Zoning Hearing Board – (3-year term)  This Board considers whether to grant relief from borough zoning ordinances regulating the use of land, when an applicant wishes to make use of a parcel in a certain way, that by a strict reading of the zoning ordinance, is not permitted. The board also decides whether certain criteria have been met to allow certain types of special exceptions to be made to zoning ordinances.  The board also considers appeals from rulings made by the code officer in enforcing zoning-related ordinances.  Meets 1st Thursday of the month, as needed.

Vacancy Board – (1-year term)  The Borough of Ambler’s Vacancy Board is made up of Ambler Borough Council plus one extra citizen who sits to break tie votes when filling a vacant council seat. The vacancy board meets on an as-needed basis.