Revitalization & Redevelopment Committee

Ambler and its surrounding townships make up a desirable community in which to live and work. Great schools, excellent transportation and safe neighborhoods make the location ideal for suburban living.

Ambler is a walkable community with distinctive historic buildings, attractive streetscapes and a balance of residential and commercial properties. There are currently 130 retail and professional service businesses. The goal is to continue enhancing Ambler’s downtown with additional office development, shops, restaurants and cultural attractions to make the area even more dynamic.

Main Street Program

Ambler Main Street was founded in 1992  with the main purpose of downtown revitalization and preservation. Main Street is a national program created to rejuvenate downtown areas that have been affected by the closing of industrial sites and the influx of malls. Ambler Main Street programs are funded by Ambler Borough Council, Montgomery County Commissioners, business membership and individual support. Each one of these funding sources is vital to the existence and expansion of the program. Ambler Main Street is responsible for the following:

  • Restore and reuse old buildings
  • Improve existing businesses and recruit new ones
  • Create an attractive thriving “downtown” for the entire Ambler area
  • Host festivals and events in town


The Borough of Ambler, along with the Ambler Revitalization Committee, Ambler Planning Commission, and Montgomery County Planning Commission maintain the Ambler Vision Plan. This document guides the revitalization efforts of the borough. The document outlines a borough-wide plan to guide the cultural, commercial and residential improvements of Ambler. The main goal is to attract residents and businesses through the development and implementation of projects and programs promoting the following:

  • Gateways
  • Pedestrian experiences
  • Streetscapes and public spaces
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Parking strategy
  • Transportation strategy
  • Business assistance
  • Arts and cultural attractions
  • Heritage tourism
  • Architectural guidelines
  • Sign guidelines
  • Housing
  • Public safety

Over three decades, Ambler has implemented many projects and programs outlined in the Vision Plan. The efforts of all involved – including Ambler Borough Officials, the Ambler Revitalization Committee, Ambler Planning Commission, Montgomery County Planning Commission, Ambler Main Street, and the residents and business owners of Ambler – are evident by observing the vibrant downtown area and the diversity of Ambler’s neighborhoods.


Ambler Borough Council created a Revitalization/Redevelopment Committee to address and prepare a Redevelopment Plan for the rail corridor. This committee was representative of the community including members of borough council, Ambler Borough Planning Commission, the Ambler Main Street Program and other administrative/technical personnel involved with planning and development in the borough. A Cooperative Agreement between the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority and Ambler Borough was approved in December 2000.


The objective of the Redevelopment Area Plan is to re-establish the “Rail Corridor” as a vibrant and diversified employment center that enhances the quality of life for residents and strengthens the economic base of the community. In particular, the following goals and objectives will help guide the redevelopment process:

  1. Develop comprehensive and flexible zoning standards to facilitate new development within the area.
  2. Enhance and develop infrastructure and amenities to attract developers and major employers to the area.
  3. Coordinate and integrate the Redevelopment Area Plan with the borough’s Main Street Program and other revitalization efforts.
  4. Develop innovative and economically feasible solutions to increase parking for future development in the area.
  5. Incorporate and develop passive and active recreational amenities, where appropriate, throughout the area in accordance with the borough’s Comprehensive Plan and Open Space Plan.
  6. Address and resolve, where applicable, environmental conditions impeding future development.
  7. Encourage, where appropriate and feasible, the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and promote the history and character of the Rail Corridor.
  8. Establish a Redevelopment Committee, appointed by borough council, to promote, guide and oversee the implementation and intent of the Redevelopment Area Plan and subsequent Redevelopment Proposals.

To date, several projects have been completed in the Redevelopment Area, including the Ambler Boiler House office building. This project, along with other pending projects, are transforming the Rail Corridor into the vibrant area envisioned by the Revitalization/Redevelopment Committee.



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