Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste

Regular Trash & Recyclables Pickups are on Wednesdays  

Trash Pick Up
Regular trash pickup is on Wednesdays, except when federal holidays fall on a Wednesday, in which case trash pickup will occur on Thursday.  Please set your trash out curbside no earlier than 4:30 p.m. the night before pickup, and no later than 6 a.m. the morning of pickup. Trash is to be placed in cans with covers.  Please remove your cans from the curb no later than 8 p.m. after pickup.  Check the Homepage for further details.

Recyclables Pickup – Single Stream Recycling
The Borough of Ambler uses a single-stream recycling process, which doesn’t require any sorting and separation of recyclable materials by residents; simply, everything is mixed together.  Recyclables pickup is on Wednesday, and all items are to be placed together in the blue recyclables roll carts delivered to borough residents. Recyclable items are to be clean or rinsed.

Remember, recycling is the law.  Municipal and state regulations require that residents, commercial establishments and non-residential establishments recycle all recyclable materials.  You must recycle at curbside — scroll through “Items to be Recycled” below for a complete list of acceptable recyclable materials. For further information about recycling refer to the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission webpage at  NMCRC .  The NMCRC is a group of 11 municipalities that work together to increase recycling and promote recycling awareness and education.

Recycling of Campaign Signs

The County accepts drop-off CAMPAIGN SIGNS after elections.  The campaign sign recycling program accepts all types, sizes, stakes and stands.

Recycling of Electronic Devices

Pennsylvania Act 108 requires that all electronic devices be recycled, they cannot be left at the curb to be picked up by your trash hauler. Electronic devices consist of desktop and laptop computers, tablets, monitors, peripheral devices, and TVs.  There are several options for recycling computers, monitors and TVs and CRT monitors.  Check out the County website or go to ELECTRONICS DISPOSAL OPTIONS.

Items to be Recycled

  • aluminum & metal cans
  • clear & colored glass
  • Number 1-7 plastic containers and bottles
  • cartons – food and beverage cartons such as milk, juice, soup, broth, etc.
  • loose metal jar lids & steel bottle caps
  • newspapers, magazines, brochures & inserts
  • paperboard boxes (e.g., cereal, pasta & tissue)
  • cardboard beverage carriers
  • office paper
  • file folders & greeting cards
  • regular & junk mail
  • flattened cardboard, corrugated cardboard & paper bags
  • paperback books, paper towel rolls
  • any other non-waxed paper products

Leaf/Yard Waste Pickup - First & Third Tuesday, Monthly

Ambler Borough contracts throughout the year to allow for an unlimited amount of leaves and other yard waste to be picked up. Leaf Waste Ordinance #1042 prohibits placing leaf waste in with regular trash. Separating yard waste materials for pickup will help reduce volume weight and contain costs of regular garbage pickup. Yard waste materials must be placed in unlined cans or brown paper recycle bags. Hedge materials may be bundled and tied. NO GRASS CLIPPINGS. Plastic bags are prohibited. All uncollected materials must be stored on your property until scheduled pickup or dropped off at Barnside Farm Compost Facility.

Bulk Item & Household Appliances Pick Up

One bulk-item pick per week is allowed as part of normal Wednesday collection. This includes items such as sofas, mattresses, box springs and similar items. As of 2013, television sets will no longer be picked up, per State of Pennsylvania regulations. Rugs must be cut and tied in 3-foot lengths. No building materials, automotive parts, batteries. The following list of large household appliances often referred to as “white goods,*” must be scheduled separately for pickup by calling J.P. Mascaro in advance at 1-800-432-1616:

  • water heaters
  • stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers
  • air conditioners
  • dehumidifiers
  • All Freon must be removed from items and tagged as such — you may call Mascaro and a fee will be charged for Freon removal.

*Note: “White Goods” now also refers to large colored household appliances

Do not place bulk items or large household appliances at the curb until 4:30 p.m. the night before pickup. To dispose of working refrigerators (which contain Freon) call PECO’s “Smart Ideas Program” at 1-888-573-2672. PECO will haul away your refrigerator and remove the Freon for recycling at no charge.

Christmas Tree Pick Up – First & Third Tuesday in January

Christmas trees are to be placed curbside in January for regular Yard Waste Pickup — pickup is First and Third Tuesday of January. Please place your tree at the curb by early in the morning on the scheduled date in January. Trees are not to be placed in plastic tree bags.

Household Hazardous Waste, Paper Shredding, Tires & Electronics

Montgomery County holds separate drop-off events for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Tires. No E-Waste (Electronics) Collection will be offered in 2018.  Paper Shredding Events have not yet been announced.  For E-Waste drop-off opportunities and a more comprehensive listing and other county recycling news, visit

Mascaro Collection Schedule 2017-18
Montgomery County Recycling Events:

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